Service Profile

Guangxi Tidu Technology Co., Ltd. is a credible PaaS solution provider in China, Its main business includes Kubernetes consulting,development, deployment installation, maintenance, business migration, customer support and training services.Based on kubernetes, microservices, Devops and other functions are developed to help customers better meet their business needs.

Service Content

The Kubernetes consulting, operation and maintenance and training services provided by Tiduyun are designed to provide customers with better Cloud Native solutions, and promote the digital transformation of traditional enterprises.

Technical support and consultation

Help customers understand the reasons for using Kubernetes, and the ways of using. It includes how to build the Kubernetes cluster, how to maintain the cluster and how to migrate services to Kubernetes clusters.

Operation and maintenance

Professional operation and maintenance team guarantees, providing Docker, Kubernetes deployment and update, troubleshooting, continuous integration, migration, and other operation and maintenance services.


The professional technical team implements the Kubernetes projects, collects and analyzes customer requirements, conducting customized R&D based on Kubernetes.


Provides Kubernetes-related trainings to help customer better understand Kubernetes and expand the scenarios in Kubernetes using.